Uzbekistan travel and tour 06

Uzbekistan Tours: Tour 06
Activity: Cultural tour
Direction: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

Day 1: Flight to Tashkent and placement in the hotel and then you will have dinner. In the evening dinner will be presented.
Day 2: We begin our journey with a survey of interest Tashkent. Visit the center of Tashkent, Amir Temura away the independence areas. Old part of Tashkent with the Hast-Imam complex and the choir-sou a market, a Museum of Applied Arts In the second half of the day moved to Samarkand is going well. Arrival to Samarkand by the hotel. Night you will spend in the hotel.
Day 3: We begin our journey with sight tour in Samarkand, the sightseeing tour includes visit to the famous Registan area, Shah-zinda remains haným Bibi, Shah-zinda, the mausoleum of Gur Emir, observatory of Ulugbek. The free time in the second half of the day. Night you will spend in the hotel.
Day 4: In the morning depart Samarkand to Bukhara. Arrival in Bukhara by the hotel. In the second half of the day survey of Bukhara attractions. Visit, Kalon ensemble, Madrassah Miri-Arab, Magoki-Attori mosques, Ulugbek and Abdulaziz, trade domes, Ljabi building a complex, madrasa the choir minor. Night you will spend in the hotel.
Day 5: Tour continued in Bukhara. Visit the mausoleum of the Samanid dynasty, fortresses Ark, Chashma-Ayub. A day trip to the summer residence of Bukhara emirs Sitora-Mokhikhosa. The free time during the day. Overnight at hotel.
Day 6: In the morning, a transfer to Khiva. In a hard disk listening watch on the rivers Amu Darya. Arrival to Khiva by the hotel. A free time. In the evening dinner will be presented.
Day 7: Guided sights of Khiva in the Morning to day to spend in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO Ichang-Kala fortress. To Ichang-Kala fortress visit of Muhammad Amin Khan medresah, Muhammad Rahim-khan Medresah, Kalta Small. A free time in the second half of the day. In the evening a transfer at the airport in Urgench, a start to Tashkent. Arrival in Tashkent, a transfer to Hotel. In the evening dinner will be presented. Night you will spend in the hotel.
8 days: the transfer to the airport for a start.




6 - Close the Reconciliation Arab-Muslim seminar Amir Alimhana the Muslim seminary. It was built at the end of 19 - the beginning of the 20th Century, with the use of unusual shape - the overall appearance of life and economic yards in one together. Since 1924, the monument of the city library, which is completely normal serving ", Bukhara Generous" as it was called in the East, has always been a center of scientific knowledge and had a large library.

Bukhara museum: Gizhduvan Töpfermuseum

The address: Gizhduvan strit. Kymsan 24

Bodies: (998 6557) 27-412, 22-412, 21-098

Pottery is one of the essential skills of the peoples of Central Asia. On the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan pottery was enormous popularity of antiquity used. Many countries in Central Asia are from teachers who have created beautiful pieces of pottery known after., Body and skills in them The ceramics are many stories and many other prints that represented reflect the culture of each region of Uzbekistan.

Cities such as Bukhara and Samarkand were known for ceramics, but live not only in the big cities, the architects. Gizhduvan is unique, known mainly in the school Uzbekistan ceramics.

Gizhduvan school ceramics has deep roots. The practices were passed on from father to son, from generation to generation. Gizhduvan today is home to the sixth generation of potters Narzullaevyh Family Family glorified schools Gizhduvan ceramic world.