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7 - an area Did Imam, Tashkent

Hast Imam area, where the relics of the Muslim world is to meet the religious center of Tashkent and the place of worship for Muslim pilgrims. It is located in the old town, in some quarters of the small dirt house. The farm-Kan (XVI s) that Tillja-Sheikh mosque (XIX century), St. Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum (XV s) and the Islamic Institute of Imam al-Bukhari name where future preachers study there was Hast Imam area.

There is also a rich library of oriental manuscripts. The Koran of Caliph Osmana commonly known - Ottoman Quran is preserved here. Ottoman Quran is the primary source of the holy book of Islam, which was written in the middle of the seventh century. The old manuscript consists of 353 parchment leaves very large dimension with the original text of the Qur'an was for centuries in the treasury of the caliphs (Medine on in the cities of Damascus and Baghdad).

Of Baghdad at the time of the Ottoman Qur'an Tamerlane was in Uzbekistan, then (as in ĠIĠ century) has managed to visit in St. Petersburg, in the hands of Russian scientists who have proven their authenticity, and then migrated over Ufa in Central Asia .

The Kukeldash Muslim seminar, training center Muslim

The Muslim seminar will be on the market Kukeldash Su in the historical center of Tashkent. It is built in 1570, this was an important part of the whole city. The vizier of Tashkent khans dynasty of SHejbanidov the nickname "Kukeldash", which translates as "milk brother" - the initiator hokima Kan Dervish was built. Thus, the Dervish Kan milk was the brother of Khan. In the eighteenth century. In Muslim seminar walkable parts are located caravanserai for traders, but has been dropped after his coronation the tower - guldasta.

 In the nineteenth century the Muslim seminar Kokandsky served kan strength. To 1865 Kukeldash Muslim Council seminars served to the public to place recognition: on the parapet of the central portal in the country will set up the stones in the pockets left was wrong with women task of strengthening the morale of the people. Today is again Muslim seminar is the current Muslim seminary and acts as direct: aprienden and students live here. Moreover, the faithful come Friday prayers here.