Trip of Uzbekistan 12

Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, Silk Road Tour KC02

Day 01

Tashkent. Arrival in Tashkent, meeting starts tour operators travel from the capital of Uzbekistan, of warm bread and city of Tashkent airport in Uzbekistan with the plate. Transfer to hotel. Overnight at hotel.

Day 02

Tashkent - Urgench - Khiva. Breakfast at the hotel in Tashkent. Caravans come to China from west to east and our route starts Khiva, museum city under the open sky. 05:00 Transfer to the airport for flight to Urgench 07:00, 08.40 clock arrival and transfer to Khiva (30 km). Khiva hotel accommodation. If you ever dreamed yourself ito Eastern fairy tale than your dreams come true. City tour in Khiva by: Ichan-Kala architectural complex (XII-XIX), the residence of the last Khiva Khan including Ismail Khodja mausoleum, Mohammed Amin Khan madrassah, Kunya-Ark Castle (XVI-XVI), Kalta Minor Tower, Tash Hovli Palace (XIX), Pahlavan Mahmud Mausoleum (XIV-XVIII), Juma Mosque (X) and other sights of Khiva. Narrow streets, carved ayvans porch and doors, majestic minarets and mausoleums, Heritage and the Arts-all with care in this city held a great treasure. Leisure. Overnight at hotel.

Day 03

Khiva - Dashauz - Kunya Urgench - Ashhabad. Breakfast at hotel. Passage of the Turkmen-Uzbek border Dashauz. Passing the border, which with the character. Tour operator, passage to Kunya Urgench Visit sights Kunya Urgench, Turubek-Khanum Mausoleum, Tekesh Sultan, Sultan Arslan, Nadjmad-din Kubra, Sultan Ali. Visit Kutlug Timur minaret and Kirk Mulla. Come back to Dashauz, Ashhabad flight (50 minutes). Getting to Ashhabad, hotel check-in. Overnight at hotel.

Day 04

Ashhabad breakfast at the hotel. Ashhabad city tour. The visit of National Museum of History and Ethnography of Turkmenistan, a visit to a mosque of Religious Turkmenbashi. Overnight at hotel.

Day 05

Ashhabad - Mari - Merv - Mari. Breakfast at hotel. Early in the morning - a flight to Mari, hotel check-in. A transfer to a place Bayramali (25 km), the ancient Merv City Tour (Aleksandria, Sultan Kala), continued the city tour, a visit to a Talkhatan Baba Mausoleum - XII century. Come back to Mari. A visit to a museum in Mari. Overnight at hotel.

Day 06

Mari - Bukhara. Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to Farab border, arrival, border crossing, meeting with the board of the tour operator transfer Bukhara. Arrival in Bukhara. Hotel check-in. Free time. Overnight at hotel.

Day 07

Bukhara. Breakfast at Hotel Bukhara. Holy Bukhara, home of Ibn Sino (Avicenna), beloved city of all saints, and world-renowned philosopher - Hodja Nasriddin cheerful, lively, loud and luxurious capital of the Emir, a rich man from all members and patrons. If you hear Splendor of East - it is Bukhara! Sightseeing tour in Bukhara: Ismael Samani mausoleum (the grave of representatives Samanids' dinasty at the end of IX - beginning of X), Chashma Ayub Mausoleum (spring job - XIV), Bolo Hauz Mosque (beginning of the XX), Citadel Ark (IV) - city within a city, Poi Kalon ensemble (base of the Great), religious heart of Holy Bukhara, consists of Kalon Minaret (XII), Kalyan Mosque (XII), Miri Arab Madrassah (XVI), Ulugbek Madrasah (1417), consisting Madrassah of Nadir Divanbeghi, Abdul Aziz Khan Madrassah, Magoki-Attori Mosque (dated XII-XVI century), Labi-Khauz ensemble (from the XIV-XVII centuries), Kosh Madrasah Ensemble (of two resistance Madari Abdullakhan Madrassah (Abdullakhan mother) and Abdullakhan medrese Chor-Minor (four minarets) Leisure: .. we advise you to visit Bukhara bazaars Dome (from 15-16 century): Toki Saraffon (Dome of moneychangers), Toki-Telpak Furushon (Dome Cap Makers), Toki Zargaron ( Dome of jewelers) and Tim Abdullakhan (Center of Silk).

Day 08

Bukhara. Breakfast at hotel. There are rulers palaces and mausoleums of Sheikh city of Bukhara. A journey from Bukhara to visit Bahouddin Nakshbandi Mausoleum (from XVI-XIX century) to the graves of his mother and his teacher (from XIV), Mausoleum choir-Bakr (the X century) to visit the summer residence Sitorai Mokhi Khosa ( the XIX century). There you can see where Emir of Bukhara spent their time during the long, hot summers while taking a break. Feed them some bread to peacocks and make a pilgrimage to the holy places. Free time for buying souvenirs and Eastern spices. We advise you to visit the Gold Bazaar. Overnight at hotel.

Day 09

Bukhara - Samarkand (270 km) Breakfast at the hotel Bukhara. Transfer to Samarkand in the morning by Vobkent city survey of Vabkent minaret (from XII century) and by Gizhduvan city survey of Ulugbek Madrassah, Abd-al-Khalik Gizhduvani Mazar and a visit to a pottery workshop of the famous Gizhduvani. Before entering Samarkand we will stop at the mausoleum of Ismail Al Bukhari. Transfer to Samarkand, check in hotel. Overnight at hotel.

10th Day.

Samarkand. Breakfast in Samarkand Hotel. The science and art of the ancient East, where concentrated in Samarkand since ancient times. There are many stairs to the sky and there is no difference what language you pray: - Multinational and tolerant is that spoken here. Full day city tour in Samarkand: visit of the morning East Siab Bazaar, Registan Square - Madrassah Ulug Bek (XV), Madrasah Shir-Dor (XVII), Madrassah Tillya-Kori (XVII), mausoleum Guri Emir - Tamerlane's Tomb (XIV-XV) Bibi Khanum Mosque (XIV-XV). Excavations and museum of the ancient city of Afrasiab. Architectural Complex Shakh-i-Zinda (from XI-XV century) and Ulug Bek Observatory (XV), the mausoleum of the prophet Daniel. Visit carpet factory Hudzhum - handmade silk carpets. Workshop on making a visit papyrian paper (handmade). Free time for buying souvenirs and Eastern spices. Overnight at hotel.

11th Day.

Samarkand - Tashkent. Breakfast in Samarkand Hotel. In the morning transfer to Tashkent (4 hours). Back to Tashkent, back to the 21 Century. Tashkent is one of the most beautiful cities in Central Asia, where ancient and modern coexist complement each other. Tashkent hotels. After dinner, city tour of modern Tashkent: Navoi Theater Square, The Opera and Ballet Theatre of Navoi, the Tashkent TV Tower, the memorial, people have the courage Monument (the unique architectural art complex devoted to the topic of the liquidation of Tashkent earthquake sequences in 1966) . More stroll through old part of the city: The visit of the religious complex Khasti Imam: consisting of Shashi Shashi Mausoleum (XV), Barak Khan Madrassah (XVI), Muy Mubarak Mosque - storehouse of the famous Koran of Caliph Osman and golden hair of the Prophet Muhammad; Dzhuma Mosque of Khodja Akhrar Vali, the State Museum of Applied Art of Uzbekistan, Kukeldash (XVI) Abdulkasim madrasah (XIX). Free time for shopping in Chorsu Bazaar and souvenir shops. Overnight at hotel.

12th Day.

Tashkent. Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to airport for flight to the next destination

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