Tajikistan car rental

Dear travelers, if you are going to visit such Central Asian countries, as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, but worry about the cars for rent, accommodation and other nuances, then do not worry and let us solve all of your problems! Our car rent company's main intension is to make your travelling in Central Asia unforgettable and therefore we are ready to provide you with the best cars for rent, which will make you safe and sound even in the most dangerous mountaineering passes and will give you the feeling of comfort and care. Our car rent company is going to organize an airport transfer for you and your friends from the airport and to the center of one of the following cities; Bishkek, Almaty or Dushanbe, where you will complete the auto rental agreement and be able to choose any auto among the wide range of the cars for rent, owned by our company. So, just tell us the exact time and date of your arrival and the representative of our car rent company will wait for you precisely in this time in order to transfer you. The transference will not take a lot of time - just about half an hour. After that you will be delivered the autos at any time you want at any place you request. The delivery of the autos is conducted free of charge.

Our car rent company also thinks about your accommodation. We will consider your preferences, as well as the financial condition and will offer you the best variants of accommodation. You can choose among the most luxurious five-star hotels of  Bishkek, Almaty and Dushanbe. In the settlements, where there are no hotels, we will offer to you very cozy and comfortable guesthouses or hostels, where you will be able to have a great rest during the tour throughout Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. The prices are very reasonable and the quality of the services there is very high. So, you will not be disappointed! Choose our car rent company and enjoy!