Prompt Car Rent

Dear travellers, our car rental company to introduce, in countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. These countries have the most beautiful country in Central Asia. The car rental companies organise self-drive car tours, all of them. It is very difficult to travel in a group, because you will always obey the wishes and needs of others. In addition, other travelers in the group to spoil even the pleasant travel mood. Therefore, in order to avoid the unpleasant situation, what car rental company offers a way out - self-drive car tours in the heart of Central Asia! What about your car rental, that will make you feel like inside a castle. Trust us and you will see that central asia is worth a visit. Cars for rent, we provide regular maintenance and keep you safe in any condition or situation. To come here and look at interesting cities, such as Bishkek, Almaty and Dushanbe, which is enchanted!

There is also an interesting place to Drink-s region. This Boom gorge. Is that girge is also called the gateway to the lake to Drink s because if you want to ride the lake you have to cross the gorge. But that's the fun, not because of the passage of the Drink s in the region, but because it is very nice. The name of the gorge - "boom" means an evil spirit. He got that name open, because many accidents occurred here. The fact that the gorge is very narrow, and the road through the mountains. At the end of the trip, just car rentals with rent back one of the following cities: Bishkek, Almaty or Dushanbe and home with luggage full of pleasant memories and in most cases, only the eternal friendship! The car rental company waiting for you to add to contact list!