Uzgen complex scenery

With our company, you can enjoy car rental and also visit one of the greatest places that has a long history, and learn about its architectural significance as the Uzgen complex. It is located 54 km from Osh. Visitors can explore the Kara-Darya River during the tour and also rent a car for tours of Kyrgyzstan. Tourists of our company will be able to enjoy the amazing nature in tours of Kyrgyzstan and explore very important information.

We can organize tours of Kyrgyzstan and tell you that the history of the complex is very ancient, which dates back to the 2-1 centuries. People at that time began to create trade routes from the Ferghana Valley to Kashgar. Tourists of the company will see that in the 9th-12th centuries the complex had a very significant location as the capital of the Karakhanid state. And now you can explore that the complex has been around for centuries.

During the tours, the company's tourists will be able to explore beautiful landscapes, charming territories and walk through the mausoleum, which in the past had a height of about 45 meters. The complex currently has a height of about 20 meters after so many years. Inside the complex there are 3 parts of the building, which are built of burnt bricks. Our company will be able to provide you with car rental, and show you all the best landscapes, as well as you will be able to see all the best territories.