One of the most interesting factors to explore in Kyrgyzstan tours will be the country's rituals. Your tours will be great and you will be able to enjoy the tour, you will be able to explore a lot of information and also rent a car for tours. In the meantime, we suggest you explore the article about the country's rituals and also enjoy the trip.

Here in tours of Kyrgyzstan, you can explore many customs and traditions, get to know the locals, and rent a car. You will have the opportunity to feel the cultural life of the country and get into the lifestyle of the Kyrgyz people. During the tours, you can learn that most of the rituals go back to ancient times from the Turkic tribes. Since in the past the Kyrgyz led a nomadic lifestyle, according to this, their rituals were based on their lifestyle.

During the tour, you will learn that the trip is made in a rented car and our team will be happy to tell you about the rituals associated with childbirth. Suyunchu is the first ritual that is known for bringing good news and giving money or gifts to parents. Korunduk is a ritual that is when people come to see a child and also give money. There is also another joyful event that is based on the celebration of the child, and it is called beshik toy. Usually on this day a large number of people come and prepare traditional dishes, burn juniper. Tushu kesuu is a joyful ritual when a child takes the first steps. Guests on tours in Kyrgyzstan explore that on this day many guests are invited, the child's legs are tied and the older children run to untangle them at speed.

You can rent a car on tours in Kyrgyzstan with or without a driver. And another interesting kind of tradition is the wedding. During the tour, you can learn that weddings are given great importance, as well as engagement rituals. At the moment, in Kyrgyzstan, as many people as possible are invited to the wedding, but this brings big losses. There is also ala kachuu, a traditional ritual that is now prohibited by law in Kyrgyzstan. The very kind of tradition is committed by kidnapping a girl and it may even be the person she does not know. and when the bride is kidnapped, she will not be able to leave the groom after the dm. After that, there is a nike, or in another way it is called an engagement. According to Muslim traditions, this is the legalization of marriage. On a tour of Kyrgyzstan, you can learn that this ritual is that the bride is in the center of attention, and all her friends and relatives say goodbye to her. After all this, the wedding itself is performed in a restaurant with a large number of guests. During the tour of Kyrgyzstan, you will be able to learn about such basic rituals of the country and also rent a car.