Our company offers you to plunge into the turbulent Eastern life of artisans of Kyrgyzstan and enjoy the unhurried and slow, measured flow of life of nomads of the mountains and the steppes of Kyrgyzstan. Moreover, with car rent you will feel yourself more convenient.

You will inhale the aroma of high-altitude meadows with their green carpet decorated with colorful flowers, enjoy the noise of spruce forests and the sound of waves of high-altitude lakes, you will see a variety of landscapes ranging from the spacious, the snowy peaks of the Kyrgyz mountains and its bustling cities.

Tours in Central Asia will give you an unforgettable feeling of unity with nature and will charge you with an extraordinary energy of colorful oriental bazaars with their splendor, a huge number of people hurrying, haggling, calling to try oriental delicacies, buy the finest silk and buy Souvenirs to remember this amazing corner of the world called Central Asia!

Every agency considers details and important moments while organizing tours. You cannot be worry about entering and leaving details. Also you can choose the complexity of tours. We offer hiking, trekking and horse riding.  Nights: it can be hotels, guest houses and yurts. Staying in the yurts means to dine there as well. And toilets are located outside, along with showers to be rather rare. Keep in mind our car rent service. With its help you may not be permitted to drive into certain countries, makes sure you have an international drivers permit etc.

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