Located in the North-East of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan can be confidently called Central Asian Switzerland, because these two countries have a lot in common. Like European Switzerland, the territory of Kyrgyzstan is more than half located in the mountains, and even its low-lying regions do not fall below 401 meters above sea level. To the sea itself, neither one nor the other state has a way out. Kyrgyzstan stretches from East to West along the Tien Shan and Pamir-Alai chains. The highest peak is Victory peak (7439 m). In the mountains, everything breathes of untouched, pristine beauty that is hard to find on the plains. The Northern point of Kyrgyzstan is located at the same latitude as Rome, and the southern point is located with the island of Sicily. Use car rent to see all these beauty in tours.

Area. If you compare the size, the Central Asian country of mountains is almost five times larger than Switzerland - its area is 199.9 thousand square kilometers. It could fit Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands combined. During tours you will see it with your own eyes.

The topography and location of the country have led to the fact that here you can plunge into different types of climate. This is almost marine, and sharply continental, and subtropical, and temperate. The peculiarity of Kyrgyzstan is also how pronounced the change of seasons is here, which is not surprising, because the lands closest to it are rich in deserts.

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