Dungan temple

The history of the mosque is interesting and worthy of study by its inhabitants. Kyrgyzstan attracts attention with its spectacular mountains, incredible nature and also charming landscapes. You can contact us in the company we will be able to create you a great tour with the study of the territory of the Dungan mosque in a rented car, in the tours you will be able to find out that this religious object has a religious significance. Guests of the country are invited to explore the mosque's history before starting their tours in Kyrgyzstan.

As historical events show, in 1877, people left the territory of the country, they fled and came to our country. After they settled in Kyrgyzstan, they were able to establish one community. In 1907, a famous architect known as Zhou Xia was invited to Kyrgyzstan. With the help of him and about 20 people who took part in the creation of the mosque, the object was built. In our tours, customers will be able to see that the mosque itself was built without a single nail and metal.

Everyone can rent a car on tours of Kyrgyzstan, explore the beauty of the scenery and also enjoy exploring the Dungan mosque. We have tours in Kyrgyzstan you will be able to rent a car and thus to explore what do the colors on the mosque. So you will see that red color shows protection from evil spirits, yellow color is the personification of wealth, but green is happiness.

Exploring Kyrgyzstan on tours, you will learn that in Soviet times it was impossible to have a religion and also believe in God. And this mostly happened in the 20th century. As soon as the sacrifices began during the Second World War, Muslims donated money as aid to the state. After that, they were allowed to visit mosques. And you will also find out that you will be able to rent a car on tours of Kyrgyzstan and see the Dungan mosque located in the Issyk Kul region in the city of Karakol.