Due to the fact that there are many beautiful mountains in the country, you can conduct tours in Kyrgyzstan. From the point of view of mountaineering, Kyrgyzstan is an ideal place for climbing peaks. And the ideal way to tour Kyrgyzstan is to rent a car. And mountaineers on tours choose our country for trekking and hiking, and climbing. And here in tours you can climb the mountains, but in the Soviet Union it was impossible to climb the mountains. And at that time, only a few people could get permission to climb the peaks.

With our guides, you can learn a lot about the country, the advantages and disadvantages, the permits and restrictions, and in general about the mountains of the country. and the vm should not forget that climbing to a height creates difficulties in terms of crevices and avalanches.

And in the tours you can see that climbers can reach peaks of more than 7000 meters above sea level, and they are awarded the title of "Snow Leopard". And in the days when the Soviet Union existed, about 600 climbers were able to get this title.