In 2018, we had a wonderful time in your country. During the entire trip, the guide and the driver did everything to make the trip interesting, comfortable and entertaining. As a travel destination, Kyrgyzstan has impressed us with its breathtaking countryside, as well as the warmth and hospitableness of its people. During the tour, we visited the lakes an altitude of 3.000 meters - Issyk-Kul and Son Kul, in addition, it was very exciting to meet the nomadic inhabitants of the yurts who still live in them. This trip to Kyrgyzstan gave us a lot of cultural exchange.

Feedback, Harry, Kyrgyzstan tours.

My friends and I took a Silk Road tour in 2019. It reached our hopes and we absolutely loved every day for the rest of our trip. We were able to visit countries like Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, I think it was a diverse route through Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan showed us stunning mountain views, and during a trip to Uzbekistan, we learned a lot about the origins of the Silk Road. Our guides were extremely competent, and our drivers did everything to make us feel safe. The company made an excellent trip plan and was always in touch, all the work was done at the highest level. I highly recommend this travel agency.

Feedback, Julia, Kyrgyzstan tours.

Our first trip to Kyrgyzstan back in 2018 met all our expectations. Kyrgyzstan has proven to be an excellent choice for vacation and travel. The local team's qualified work allowed us to enjoy magnificent views of this country without any problems during the whole trip. Our needs and wants were met and fulfilled with attention, which was a nice surprise. The journey through Kyrgyzstan went perfectly and it was as relaxing as it could be. I think this company will become our guide in our next trips to the countries of Central Asia.

Feedback, Allison, Kyrgyzstan tours.

This trip was truly exciting and enjoyable experience! Many people call Kyrgyzstan the second Switzerland, and this is true. There is everything here: beautiful nature, mountains and much for lovers of activities. In a short time, my friends and I managed to ride horses, to hike, to rally driving in the mountains and even take a boat ride on the lake Son Kul. We had a fantastic trip thankful to this company's excellent organization of our adventure tour.

Feedback, Hanan, Kyrgyzstan tours.

My boyfriend and I had a great time in Almaty before heading to Kyrgyzstan's mountains. We crossed the border by car and spent a whole week in Kyrgyzstan full of positive emotions. It was one of the most unforgettable trips I've ever had! The alpine roads with stunning panoramic views and passes were the most exciting part of our trip. The alpine roads with stunning panoramic views and passes were the most exciting part of our trip. We had the opportunity of staying with and being hosted by a great couple who owns yurts near Tash Rabat. Son Kul's natural beauty was breathtaking. Our driver was fantastic and rode professionally, and the service was immaculate and trustable. Thank you for your excellent planning.

Feedback, Brittany, Kyrgyzstan tours.

Our tour to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan was made even more enjoyable by the company's efforts. Our group of good friends traveled through Kyrgyzstan's southern region and along the Pamir Highway. The conditions were wonderful: the car was clean and comfortable, and the drivers did an excellent job. The guides were also friendly and helpful, providing all required details about the countries as well as telling many fascinating stories. All our requests and needs were met with high quality thanks to the professionalism of the guides. Other travelers should definitely visit these countries with the help of this company.

Feedback, Alekos, Kyrgyzstan tours.