Silk Road Tours

The Great Silk Road is a famous trade road that connected the Eastern Asia with the Mediterranean world in ancient times and medieval ages. The road was discovered in the 2nd century BC and the term was introduced by the German geographer Ferdinand von Richthofen in 1877. China began to export silk as soon as it realized its need first for jade from the mines of Khotan and Yarkand, and then for thoroughbred Arabian horses, which were significantly superior in their qualities to the stunted Chinese horses. The Silk Road contributed not only the development of economic and political relations between the different countries, but also it enabled the exchange of cultures, traditions, crafts and ideologies. It is an interesting phenomenon to learn and explore which we offer though our exclusive and entertaining tours. You will have a great cultural experience travelling along the mountains of Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan, visiting sites of Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan or enjoying the national parks of Kazakhstan. Our tours are filled with authenticity, true experiences, amazing cultural events, great landscapes and amazing architecture. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan will allow you to enjoy breathtaking views from the tops of the mountain passes, driving along the Pamir Highway will provide great adventures to your tours, visiting the sites of the Silk Road in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan will help you to be in the atmosphere of Orient culture. This and lots of other interesting experiences are waiting for you to be discovered with our tours along the Silk Road.

Three Stans of the Great Silk Road» Three Stans of the Great Silk Road

Tourists of the company on a tour of Central Asia will be able to enjoy its hospitality, see incredible sights, explore customs and traditions, and also explore the ancient history, the masterpieces of the architecture that the Great Silk Road left behind. During the tour, you will be able to explore such beautiful countries as Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. You will also have the opportunity to taste the cuisine as well as explore the ancient sights. more »
Treasures of Central Asia» Treasures of Central Asia

You will be able to enjoy a full-fledged tour of 5 Central Asian countries and enjoy the beautiful scenery, charming sights, and explore all the most beautiful places. You can enjoy beautiful views of such countries as Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. You will have a great opportunity to enjoy the cultural heritage and taste the most delicious national cuisine. Enjoy the customs and traditions and history. more »
Gems of the historical heritage» Gems of the historical heritage

In this morning, our clients will be able to explore the cultural heritage, enjoy the masterpieces of medieval architecture of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, which was able to leave behind the Great Silk Road, you will also be able to explore the ancient history. You will have a great chance to marvel at the pure nature and high mountains. During the tour, you will be able to explore two magnificent countries and marvel at their hospitality and cultural heritage. more »
Adventures along the Central Asia» Adventures along the Central Asia

Our wonderful tour of Central Asia will be interesting and wonderful. You will be able to enjoy the charming scenery and sights, and immerse yourself in the customs and traditions. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the culture, enjoy the history, and also taste the national cuisine. Your tour will start in Kazakhstan, then you will explore Kyrgyzstan, then you will head to Tajikistan and finish the tour in Uzbekistan. Don't hesitate and start the tour now with us! more »
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