Great Turkmenistan

Great Turkmenistan

Great Turkmenistan, Turkmenistan tours.

Name of trip: Great Turkmenistan 

Tour’s destinations: Ashgabat, Balkanabat, Turkmenbashi, Darwaza, Mary 

Arrival to: Ashgabat

Departure from: Ashgabat

Day 1: Ashgabat
This day you will meet your guide with signboard “HD Travel Agency” written on it. After that you will travel to the hotel for accommodation. Further you will transfer to the important attraction and discover the fabulous landmark of Turkmenistan Old Nisa that was Parthian Empire. This outstanding site was included into the list of UNESCO Heritage. In course of the tour you will be inspired by the late president’s Mausoleum and “Gypjak” Mosque. After that you will have a wonderful city tour. you will have a chance to explore the fascinating attractions of the capital such as parks and monuments and other significant buildings. This night you will rest in the hotel. 

Day 2: Ashgabat – Kow Ata – Nokhur – Balkanabat
This day you will have a great opportunity to have a tour to the underground lake Kow-Ata. You will discover that the lake translates as Father of caves. This day you will discover that the lake has the temperature stands at around 33-38 degrees Celsius and does not change throughout the year. You will discover that the lake has healing properties and has 38 chemical elements in the water. People from all over the world to visit the lake. This underground lake is the largest in the world. This day you will travel to Nokhur village. You will see that it is situated on the valley the mountains of the Kopet Dag Range. In the tour you will be able to explore that there are beautiful picturesque houses made of cement and clay. Here are 2-storey houses that have a unique architecture, harsh beauty, which is laid out on the slopes of mountain stone, among picturesque vineyards, almond and pomegranate trees. Then you will travel to Balkanabad city.

Day 3: Balkanabat – Yangikala – Gozli Ata – Turkmenbashi
During the tour you will discover that Turkmenistan attracts guests of the country with its views of lakes and rivers, but also with its colorful canyons. This day you will explore the charming views Yangikala canyons. You will discover that they are situated 165 km to the north from Balkanabat and 160 km to the east from Turkmenbashi. You will explore that from Turkmen, the phrase "Yangi Kala" means "fire fortresses". There are beautiful steep cliffs of yellow, white, purple, red and white colors, which were carved with the help of wind and rain, and look like fancy castles and scenes from a science fiction movie. There are beautiful canyons that are especially beautiful at sunset, when everything around is painted in a fiery red color. While exploring this place you will be able to enjoy the beautiful views, the natural park of sculptures that are compressed. You will have a chance to climb the colorful hills, but you will not be able to hold the buttresses. This day you will discover the one of the most remote sacred attractions in Turkmenistan as Gozli Ata. After that you will travel to Turkmenbashi. 

Day 4: Turkmenbashi – Ashgabat – Darwaza
After breakfast you will travel to Ashgabat at 10:30/11:30 by flight. Then you continue the tour with transferring to Erbent village and to Cas Crater- Darwaza. The Darvaza gas crater offers fantastic views and landscapes. Gas crater in Turkmenistan. Locals and travelers call it "The Door to the Underworld", or "The Gates of Hell" is located 90 km from the village of Yerbent. Approximate parameters of the crater: diameter-60 meters; depth: - 20 meters. In 1971, near the village of Darwaza in Turkmenistan, geologists discovered an accumulation of underground gas. The gas crater was formed about 40 years ago by human error. This day you will have a chance to overlook the fabulous views at daylight and at night. This day you will discover the heat and sound of the wind. You are going to have dinner in BBQ style. You will rest the night in the tents. 

Day 5: Darwaza – Kunya Urgench – Ashgabat
This day you will travel to Kone-Urgench after breakfast at Darwaza. This day you will travel  about 261 km and 4:35 min. Kone-Urgench is the architectural Monument and Ancient capital of Northern Khorezm, mentioned in Chinese sources as early as the first century ad, in the middle of the VIII century falls under the rule of the Arabs. In course of the tour you will have a chance to discover mausoleums of II Arslan and SoltanTekesh, Nejmeddin Kubra, Soltan Ali, Turabek –Khanum dated back to12th c, minaret of KutlugTimur, Mamun II. After that you have the flight to Ashgabad at 16:20/17:10 (time of flight can be changed). After that you will travel to the capital and have free time.

Day 6: Ashgabat – Mary
After breakfast you will have a chance to explore Mary city where you will be amazed by highlight tour. This day you will have a chance to explore Historical Museum where you will experience the ancient history. After that you will have free time.

Day 7: Mary – Merv – Ashgabat
During the tour today you will discover that Merv is one of the oldest cities in Central Asia and around the world. You will explore that the ancient city of Merv is also known for the brightest minds of the Islamic world. This day you will have a great opportunity to be inspired by majestic Mausoleums of the Sultan of Sanjar and Muhammad Ibn-Zeid dated back to XII century, showing incredible brickwork and architectural decor. After that you will transfer back to Ashgabat. Upon arrival you will discover Russian bazaar. In course of the tour you will have a chance to walk along the colorful rows and buy national souvenirs. This day don’t miss a chance to have opportunity to bargain and get the discount. Then you will be inspired by one of the most charming Muslim Mosque in Turkmenistan - Ertugrul Gazi.

Day 8: Flight
Morning transfer to airport.

Transport – Sedan, Minibus

Price per person:
02 pax – 1 150 $
04 pax – 885 $
06 pax – 770 $
08 pax – 675 $
10 pax – 690 $
Single – 170 $

Early check-in – 40 $
Single early check-in – 65 $  

Half board – 75 $
Full board – 150 $


Service includes:
- Transport
- Accommodation:
     Ashgabat – “Menzil” Hotel 3*
     Balkanabat – “Nebitchi” Hotel 3*
     Turkmenbashi – “Turkmenbashi” Hotel 3*
     Darwaza – Tents with dinner
     Mary – “Merv” Hotel 3*
- Visa support
- English speaking guide
- Museums entrances
- Mineral water supply
- Domestic flights and trains (if any)                                           

Service does not include:
- Visa
- Full board
- Single rooms
- Early check-in
- Travel insurance
- Migration tax (12 $)
- Fee for using cameras on monuments

Note: Each Traveler should have 2 photos (5×6) to be presented at the points of entry.

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