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Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia that borders on Afghanistan and Iran on the south, and Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan on the north. It is washed by the inner Caspian Sea and does not have an access to the oceans. It was part of the USSR countries and became independent in 1991. It is a secular and presidential republic. The country is divided into 6 administrative and territorial units which are called velayat. The capital city is Ashgabat. The population is over 6 million people, which is the smallest among other countries in Central Asia. Turkmenistan is one of the countries where Silk Road heritages were best preserved. You will have a wonderful experience in learning the history of this famous trade road and ancient civilizations by visiting great monuments in Merv, Gonur Depe, Nisa, Kunya Urgench and lots of others during your tours. Besides you will visit the famous touristic attraction called Darwaza, also referred as Door to Hell. It is part of many tours in Turkmenistan. Another cultural pride and touristic aspect is the horses of Akhal Teke, which are considered one of the best and thoroughbred all over the world. Your travelling in Turkmenistan will be filled with great experiences and amazing visits to the famous sites of the country. Let us organize you a tour with our best services. Check our tours among the list above and let us know your opinion.

Turkmen brilliants» Turkmen brilliants

Turkmenistan is a fabulous and mysterious country with beautiful landscapes, oriental flavor and unsurpassed cities. You have a unique chance to explore the best places in Turkmenistan, such as Ashgabat, Dashoguz, Darvaza, Kunya Urgench and much more, as well as enjoy the beautiful views. Enjoy exploring the history and culture of the tour. more »
Turkmenistan explored» Turkmenistan explored

At the moment, beautiful Turkmenistan impresses with its views of tourists, its beautiful buildings, and beautiful ancient history. In the tours you will be able to explore that Ashgabat has been listed in the Guinness Book of Records, as the city has a large number of beautiful buildings, which are decorated with white marble. In the tour you will be able to visit the beautiful Turkmenbashi. Also explore interesting places during the tour, enjoy interesting landscapes. Do not miss the opportunity to explore the history and culture and in addition to explore the customs and traditions. more »
Adventures in Turkmenistan» Adventures in Turkmenistan

Our clients of the company on a tour of Turkmenistan will be able to explore important sights, enjoy the views near the Caspian Sea. During the tour, you will be able to get acquainted with the underground lake Kov-Ata, and explore the origin of the lake, enjoy the landscapes of Nokhur, Balkanabat, Yangykala, Gozli-Ata, Turkmenbashi and Avaza. On the tour, you will also be able to taste the customs and traditions and enjoy the beautiful sights. more »
Majestic Merv » Majestic Merv

Dear tourists can go on tours of fabulous Turkmenistan and see the most charming landscapes of the country, enjoy its views. We invite you to explore the interesting ancient history of Turkmenistan, to explore its cultural heritage. In the tours you will find many interesting adventures, you will be able to explore customs and traditions and folklore. In the tours, you can visit Ashgabat, Merv, Mary, Margiana and many other attractions. more »
Myths of Turkmenistan» Myths of Turkmenistan

Incredible Turkmenistan is a beautiful cradle of many ancient civilizations and cultures. This is a secret box that holds many secrets and riddles. Here you can explore beautiful and incredible natural attractions, enjoy the scenery and see historical monuments. Here you can see the main sights of mysterious Turkmenistan and explore the Karakum desert. The company's customers will also be able to explore the desert and enjoy the views of the surrounding villages. more »
Turkmenistan Riches » Turkmenistan Riches

The beautiful country of Turkmenistan fascinates with its beauty, nature and sights. You will be able to enjoy the mysterious buildings and see many charming places. In the tours, you will have a great chance to explore the beautiful sights of Ashgabat, enjoy the Darvaz gas crater and enjoy the fantastic scenery. During the tour, you will also enjoy the hospitality of Turkmenistan, and enjoy the original and unique traditions and customs, as well as get into the cultural heritage. more »
Great Turkmenistan » Great Turkmenistan

Customers on tours in Turkmenistan have a unique opportunity to see beautiful sights, enjoy the history of many centuries. During the tour, you will be able to explore interesting landscapes on an 8-day tour of Turkmenistan and explore natural beauty and ancient structures. Our clients on the tour will be able to explore the white marble capital of Ashgabat, explore the beautiful underground lake Kow-Ata and enjoy the amazing views of the village of Nokhur. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the beautiful gas crater and many other attractions. Try the delicious national cuisine, and enjoy it to the fullest. more »
Classic Turkmenistan» Classic Turkmenistan

Guests of the country in Turkmenistan will be able to explore the charming landscapes, beautiful expanses and explore the ancient sights. During the tour, you will be able to explore that the country is very rich in cultural heritage, boasts of hospitality, and is also home to unfriendly people who have distinctive customs and traditions. During the tour, you will be able to explore interesting customs, enjoy wonderful places, such as Mary, Darwaza, and many others. Don't miss the unique opportunity and explore the beautiful scenery. more »
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