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Republic of Tajikistan is a state in Central Asia, located in the foothills of Pamir Mountains and does not have an access to sea. It is the smallest by its size country in Central Asia. It borders on Uzbekistan on the west and west-north, Kyrgyzstan – on the north, China – on the east and Afghanistan – on the south. The capital city is Dushanbe. The state language is Tajik, while Tajikistan is the only Persian-speaking state in the former Soviet Central Asia. Most of Tajikistan's population is Sunni Muslim. The history of Tajik people goes back to ancient civilization named Turan, which consequently was politically divided into four strong states as Bactria, Sogdia, Khorezm and Margiana. Nowadays there are preserved some of the remains and ruins of architectural monuments of history which you can visit during your tours. Such places are the ruins of Penjakent, Sarazm, Hissor fortress, Istaravshan and many others. More than 90 % of the territory is covered with mountains which present a great chance for mountaineering. You can participate in our trekking tours, or cultural tours with elements of hiking and other outdoor activities. Along the famous Pamir Highway during your tour you can drive to such villages as Kalai Khum, Langar, Ishkoshim, and Murgab and enjoy their fascinating landscapes. Tajikistan is also a country of magnificent alpine lakes which you should not miss during your tours. They are Iskanderkul lake, Seven Lakes, Bulunkul and Yashil Kul lakes. If you are planning to travel in Tajikistan, then join our tours along the most fascinating Pamir Highway and Fann Mountains.

Tajikistan discovered» Tajikistan discovered

The fascinating country of Tajikistan is a crossroads of ancient civilizations, where culture is intertwined with ancient history. The country is also famous for its clean and beautiful nature. Tourists will have a great chance to enjoy the picturesque scenery, see the Pamir Mountains, and also enjoy the customs and traditions. Do not miss the opportunity to visit such places as Dushanbe, Kalai Khumb, Khorog, the incredible Bulunkul Lake and many others. more »
Treasures of Tajikistan» Treasures of Tajikistan

Our team is happy to provide you with tours of Tajikistan where you can explore a charming country with cultural, historical and natural attractions. You will be surprised by the incredible terrain of the country where you can explore Dushanbe, enjoy the Hissar fortress and also explore Khujand and get information and facts about Penjakent. more »
Cultural tour» Cultural tour

Charming Tajikistan invites tourists on tours to explore the expanses, beautiful landscapes, enjoy the harmony with nature, see the beautiful mountains and explore the history and culture of the country. You will be able to visit such beautiful places as Lake Iskanderkul, explore the views of the Tajik sea Norak and also explore the beautiful capital of Tajikistan, Dushanbe. more »
Riches of Tajikistan» Riches of Tajikistan

In our tours of Tajikistan, you will be able to explore that this is the smallest country in Central Asia, but it has a great tourist potential. Tourists will be able to explore that in the country about 93% of the territory is occupied by the wonderful mountains, and it is one of the most ancient countries in the world. The history of Tajikistan is very ancient, which can tell you a lot of events. During the tour, you will be able to explore Dushanbe, explore the beautiful Iskanderkul Lake, explore Khujand, and enjoy the views of Penjakent. more »
Mountain Adventures» Mountain Adventures

Guests on a tour of Tajikistan will be able to see that the country of high mountains attracts with its beauty, and attracts the attention of the whole world. This mountainous country is famous for its beauty and natural charm. It has its own flavor, where tourists can enjoy the culture, customs and traditions and also learn a lot of facts. Our clients on the tour will be able to explore the beautiful capital of Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan Khorog, explore Kalai Khumb and enjoy the beauty of the incredible Pamir Mountains. more »
Discovering gorgeous lake» Discovering gorgeous lake

Customers of the company on a tour of Tajikistan will be able to have a great time, enjoy the beautiful places and see a lot of interesting places. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in history and explore the cultural heritage. Tajikistan attracts the attention of tourists with its beautiful natural beauty and charming landscapes, mountain landscapes, and you can also go trekking or hiking. Your tour will start in beautiful Dushanbe, you will be able to explore the Hissar fortress and see the beautiful lake Iskanderkul, and also explore the ancient "Central Asian Pompeii" - Panjakent. more »
The Roof of the world » The Roof of the world

On a tour of Tajikistan, our clients will be able to enjoy the beautiful nature, see the charming nature of the Pamirs or on another Roof of the World, and you will also be able to plunge into the cultural heritage. Do not miss the opportunity to try the national cuisine. During the tour, you will be able to explore that Tajikistan is a very friendly country with hospitable people and unique customs and traditions. You will be able to visit the capital Dushanbe, explore Kalai Khumb, Murghab, and enjoy the beautiful sights. more »
New frontier» New frontier

Our company offers you to see beautiful sights, an incredible tour of mountainous Tajikistan, where customers can explore all the most beautiful landscapes and enjoy the ancient history, unique architecture and explore important fatki and information about Tajik culture. During the tour, we offer our clients to visit such beautiful places as Dushanbe, Iskanderkul Lake, Khujand, Panjikent and explore the customs and traditions of the country. more »
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